What we do?

To nourish the pillar is to flourish the whole structure. In the societal structure, common people are the pillars. As we said before, we make our sincere effort to bridge the needs of common people and the concerned authorities, by showing them the right paths through legal and justified processes in order to obtain their rightful needs and facilities from the government through its schemes. We make effort to help them obtain the facilities of various government projects and schemes (both central and state).

This doesn’t end here, we are not limited to only government schemes and facilities, our works exceed to a wide range of social service and we make our effort to find solutions to myriad of social issues and problems common people could face: be it related to the development of road; or connection of electricity, or LPG; or problem related to land; providing essentials to COVID patients, or get them admitted to hospital.

  • Through our “BAAP KE BOLO” page, we were successfully able to support people suffered in natural disaster;
  • help an impoverished family bringing back home its child from another state, who was caught in the child-labour racket;
  • help showing a beneficiary a way-out to get his entitled job in a government sector after the demise of his parent in line of duty.
  • help an aggrieved family to retrieve the dead-body of a member died abroad.
  • And, many other issues like solving problems related to banking service, driving license, passport etc.,
  • We also guide deserving and needy students to obtain various scholarships, stipends, loans, etc.

Our attempt is to cover and resolve the social issues faced by common people either because of administrative inefficiencies or any other factors, within the laws and the rules of the nation.


We strive to be better, to do better, to make the society better.

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