The seed of “Baap Ke Bolo” as a social initiative was implanted in my conscience back when I faced numerous problems during my college. I’ve always observed that both in the Governmental administerial hierarchy as well as in the private sector, there’s often problem arises on the consumer side. Common citizens often get robbed off their basic rights, and that’s where we come. We connect the relevant authority with the citizen who’s facing a problem and try to push the said authority to act upon. We do this under the purview of law and the constitution as we believe that we have the right to exercise our power to reach the person in power as they’re serving us under the structure of constitution. And to execute these powers, a couple of like-minded fellow friends of mine, had come together to form a Facebook page/group called ‘Baap Ke Bolo’, which literally translates to talking to the authorities, which has been a successful campaign for us, as we have helped common folks to reach people in power in both government as well as private sector, and provided solutions to their problems. From getting delayed in receiving Learner’s License to getting delayed in hygienic drinking water in a village to helping migrant workers stuck in a city during first phase of lockdown, we have bypassed the red-tapism of bureaucratic procedures and connected the affected people with the necessary authorities to get their job done.

Sometimes, we get questions like how do we run such work, so efficiently, when the government itself isn’t able to run a smooth operation of similar structure. And our answer to that question is, we have ten plus years of close observation, hard work to understand the rules & regulation, system, hierarchy in administration, and we ensure that we provide assistance to the common people without harming or illegally pushing anyone to do any sort of work. Our motto is to stay under the purview of constitutional frame-work.

We have always thrived to provide assistance to the marginalized people as they have been deprived off their basic rights for a long time. And after 75 years of independence, it’s very disappointing and excruciatingly painful to see that the marginalized people of our country have been deprived of their basic rights by the people in power. It’s our duty to level the playing field by assisting those in need by connecting them to the proper authority.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about our Non-Profit Organization ‘Assistance to Common People’, under which ‘Baap Ke Bolo’ now operates. As ‘Baap Ke Bolo’ is touching new milestones in every quarter by helping lakhs of people and changing their lives for betterment, we are embarking on a new journey as we take up challenges in the education sector as we believe that it’s only education that can elevate the status of the marginalised in our society. Please be a part of this thrilling journey with us, as we embark upon, and on the cusp of great things to be achieved.